The Next Generation Deep Learning Platform
for Java Developers

Java Deep Learning Engine

Pure Java Deep Learning Engine with friendly API, easy to integrate with existing Java applications and devices.

Tools for Software Developers

Tool support for entire work-flow: train, test and deploy deep learning modules directly from development environment.

Deep Learning As a Service

Use our engine in the cloud through
Web based tools and RESTful API.
The easiest and fastest way to start. COMING SOON!

21 000 000 000 Java Devices are about to start learning with help of 12 000 000 Java Developers. Are you among them?

Use Cases

IT Infrastructre Monitoring and Optimization

Optimize performance, predict failure, detect threats, improve response times and lower the cost.

User and Content Classification

Predict leads and conversions. Automaticaly classify posts, tweets or text. Increase revenue and automate manual tasks.

Image Classification

Classify and tag images, recognize objects.

Why Deep Netts

Great User Experience

Visual tools, wizards, and simple meaningful API. Turns Java developers into deep learning developers.

Application oriented

Designed for practical deep learning applications. Boost your software product with exciting new AI-based features.

Easy to integrate

Fully portable pure Java library, platform independent, easy to deploy to production and maintain.

Contact Us

If you think Deep Netts could be for you, our team will help you to find the best solution for your project. With every license you get one hour of free consulting from our experts.


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