DeepNetts is highly portable and easy to use Java software toolkit for deep learning. It provides a Java library and IDE tools that make it easy for software developers to build and integrate Java based deep learning modules in their applications, and make them smarter. DeepNetts is designed for Java software developers who dont have mathematical and artificial intelligence/machine learning backgraound, but want to add Ai to their apps, and create smarter, self improving software.

Easy To Use Java Deep Learning API

DeepNetts provides Java components and tools that make building deep learning modules for Java apps much faster and easier then using other existing solutions.

  • Intuitive Deep Learning API easy to learn
  • Supports Deep Feed Forwared and Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Fully portable, pure Java (no dependencies on native libs or specialized hardware)

Tools: A Deep Learning IDE

DeepNetts provides tools to build, test, tweak and deploy deep learning modules.

Additional tools that are needed to understand and debug machine learning models are essential for successful application of deep learning.

DeepNetts tools are available directly from a Java IDE, in order to provide smooth development experience and maximize productivity.